Digital Readiness

By optimising your state of Digital Readiness now, your business will gain a major competitive advantage over your competitors.

Our digital readiness process for our clients starts with one shared belief.

That real transformation comes by assessing the current situation and then looking at how to use available technologies to adapt and optimise the business systems and processes to deliver customers a better experience – while generating much greater operating efficiencies, lower costs, higher revenues and a greater ROI on your digital marketing investment.



Our Digital Architects conduct a thorough assessment of your current systems and processes to determine your state of ‘digital readiness’ and identify the digital competencies of your workforce who will be involved in the implementation process.


Here we present our ‘Digital Readiness’ assessment and the optimisation plan and timeline for implementation. This covers costings for any recommended 3rd party cloud-based technologies and software services and the cost for Inboda’s implementation and training services. We also present options for Inboda providing ongoing consulting and management of your Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing and transition planning to ensure your current lead generation and sales are not affected during this process.


Here we custom-design your Digital Readiness plan, outline the implementation process and liaise with client team members. This also enables us to custom-design the training program required to achieve an optimal state of digital readiness in conjunction with your key staff.


Here we implement the integrated plan in conjunction with all key staff and relevant departments. At this stage, we also provide training for any new cloud-based technologies, software services and HubSpot CRM.

Testing and Refinement

Test and refine the implemented changes in conjunction with key staff and departments. Make any refinements required based on staff feedback on preferred processes and workflows.

Return on Investment

Once the company is digital-ready and the inbound and digital marketing campaign has commenced, we will configure customised data dashboards for ease of reporting and present ROI results from the implementation of your digital readiness plan. This will be done on a monthly basis to assess the performance and make any adjustments to improve future performance.


and assessment?

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