Inbound Digital Architects

Our name INBODA is derived from the three words which embody the essence of what we do – Inbound Digital Architects.


Experienced and Agile

In the making for 20+ years, Inboda's agile team of highly experienced professionals put your needs first. We understand the world of business and the digital world.

We started working with SME’s when Google was a baby and have been part of the digital world ever since.


We’re different from run-of-the-mill Digital Marketing agencies. We’ve been there - done that - and consider our expertise in both Digital and Inbound Marketing as mission-critical.

However, we’re more than that - we’re digital architects who help to make our clients’ businesses ‘digital-ready for lift-off’.

Think of us as your bridge

We’re the conduit between your business and the digital world and just like a stress ball, we take the stress out of the digital transformation process for SME’s.

Plus, you’ll be pleased to know, we speak plain English – not techno-speak.


We’re into Peak Performance

We’re not into winning awards – we’re just into making sure our clients win big in the marketplace.

That’s why everything we do is measured to ensure we deliver and meet or exceed our mutually agreed objectives.


Meet our Founder

Inboda Founder, Gerry Wagner, is an ROI-centric, strategic thinker, and online marketing specialist with 26+ years of business experience, including 20+ years in delivering exceptional results in digital marketing for hundreds of SME’s and larger companies, across Australia.


support teams

Working with our multi-skilled local and international teams, we utilise our combined expertise to help modernise and digitally transform the way you do business through technology and inbound marketing.

Results speak for themselves

Nothing makes our smiles brighter than when our clients speak about their own experience of working with the Inboda team in the case study videos. Check them out. 😊

Case studies


and assessment?

If you'd like your SME business to have a serious competitive advantage, why not start by requesting a

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