"Working with Inboda over the years has made a huge impact on our business."

Peter Barker
Founder, Barker-Whittle

Services Provided

Digital Readiness – CRM Onboarding – Software Integration – Digital Marketing - Inbound Marketing


Barker-Whittle was established is 1978 and have been providing painting services to literally thousands of homes and commercial buildings in Perth.

Barker-Whittle engaged us in 2013 to manage their SEO and Adwords. In 2018, after seeing diminishing returns from their investment in SEO and Google Adwords, Barker-Whittle decided to accept Inboda’s recommendation to become ‘digital ready’, integrate HubSpot CRM into their business and then embark on an integrated Inbound Marketing campaign.


133% increase...

in organic traffic.


40% increase in leads


30% increase in revenue

200% increase in positive online reviews

The problem

Organic rankings were dropping fast due to outdated SEO methodology.

Manual sales processes were limiting the capacity to quote.

Quotes were not being followed up due to inefficient processes and opportunities were missed.

The Solution

Make Barker-Whittle Digital Ready:
- Setup and configure CRM.
- Train staff to use CRM.
- Move the team away from spreadsheets to CRM.
- Map out sales processes and setup sales automation.
- Develop and execute an Inbound Marketing strategy.

Configure closed-loop reporting and attribution tracking to identify high-converting media channels and optimise to best-performing channels.


and assessment?

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